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Academic Courses


In addition to basic art, drawing and painting, Newtown’s art department offers courses in 3-D design, fashion design, commercial art, computer art and printmaking. Each semester Newtown hosts an art showcase of student work.


Business Education

We offer personal computing, MOS Certification (Word, Excel, and Power Point), E-Comm, Web Page Design and a variety of other business-related courses. The MOS Squad allows students to work in the field of their choice and earn scholastic credit. Our Business Institute helps to prepare students for further business study in college or for a job immediately after high school.



Our English department offers core courses to address ELA standards and prepare students to pass the Regents exam as well as electives in Film, Journalism and Play Production. A Regents support class for English language learners, the English component of ESL 5-8, and transitional English 1-4 are also offered. We sponsor the production of our school newspaper, The Tower, and our yearbook, The Newtowner.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Non-native English speaking students are provided with intensive reading, writing and oral communication in English. ESL courses are offered at the basic to advanced levels, leading to English department courses and the Regents exam.


Foreign Language

Newtown offers foreign language study for non-native as well as native speakers of Spanish, French, and Chinese. Our department also is integral in the publication of a variety of foreign language literary magazines by our students. At an advanced level Newtown students can study Spanish Drama or A.P. Spanish Literature, A.P. Spanish Language and A.P. Chinese Language and Culture. Students planning to attend college should take a minimum of six credits. A presentation detailing the foreign language department can be found here.


Health and Physical Education

Physical education classes include basic phys. ed., aerobics, weight training and gymnastics. Separate gyms for girls and boys are located on the fourth and second floors, respectively. Field classes are held outside at Newtown Field. For all P .E. classes students are required to wear sneakers and P.E. attire, which can be purchased at the P.E. offices.


Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services classes at Newtown provide a close, personal atmosphere and small class size conducive to academic achievement for those students who are eligible. Our students are able to share in the special resources of our Business Institute and Technical Studies Programs. Students also participate in collaborative team teaching and mainstream classes as well.



Newtown offers classes from Math A/B, Intermediate Algebra, to BC Calculus. Mu Alpha Theta and the Math League provide extra opportunities for math-oriented students. Our publication, Off on a Tangent, is produced annually.



Newtown offers music appreciation as well as instrument instruction (including piano, woodwinds, drums and guitar). Our students can participate in a variety of performance bands and orchestras. Girls Chorus and Mixed Chorus are also offered. We invite you to our annual winter and spring concerts at Newtown.



Our science department offers a challenging selection of courses including Regents Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science and Applied Physics. Classes are offered in Medical Lab Techniques, Plant Care and Marine Science. For high achieving students we offer Intel Science Research and honors classes. We showcase our students’ scientific progress through our annual week-long science fair.


Social Studies

Our Social Studies department offers courses in Global History, American History, Government and Economics. Our debate team participates annually in the NYC Lincoln-Douglas debate competition. We also have teams in Mock Trial and Federal Challenge Competition.


Technology Instruction

The award winning Technology Department is committed to familiarizing our students with the requirements leading toward a career in architecture, engineering or related computer fields. Courses include: drafting for production, principles of engineering, architecture, landscaping, A+ certification (computer repair) and telecommunications (network cabling).