World Languages


The Newtown World Languages Department offers courses in Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish for non-native as well as native speakers of Spanish, French, and Chinese. Advanced courses that Newtown students can take include A.P. Spanish Literature, A.P. Spanish Language and Culture, and A.P. Chinese Language and Culture. Students planning to attend college should take a minimum of six credits over three years and may take the World Languages Checkpoint B Exam to qualify for an Advanced Regents Diploma.
Our department holds events such as:
  • The World Languages Poetry Contest in April 
  • The Spanish Drama Club performance
  • Students who are eligible may apply for the Seal of Biliteracy through our department. For more information about this check out our official website!

Path to proficiency

As students begin the path to language proficiency, many want to know if the student will be fluent in the language by the end of a year. Learning a language can be a lifelong journey of working beside them so they can understand, communicate and have exposure to different cultures through a world language.
Please check out the infographic below that shows the language learning process. A student that has completed a language course in level I would be in the novice, mid-novice high category.  A student who has completed a language course in level II may be in the novice-high to intermediate-mid category. 

At Newtown high school we offer three levels including Advanced Placement in most of our World Language tracks. Our goal is for each student to complete three years in a language course to ascertain the most of their language learning journey. 


Path to proficiency ACTL

Diploma Requirements

Cap and diploma
Students are required to take one year minimum of World Language as part of their graduation requirements. Students who wish to pursue an Advanced Regents Diploma must take three years of a world language and successfully pass the World Languages-Checkpoint B exam. In addition, the World Languages-Checkpoint B exam is now considered a 4+1 pathway for fulfilling the Regents requirements toward graduation. 


College Prep

AP Courses
Up to 4 college credits


Ms. Altomarino - Assistant principal/ AP Language and Culture Teacher. 

Ms. Martinez- Spanish Teacher 

Mr. Rengifo- Spanish Teacher 

Ms. Carmona- Spanish Teacher 

Ms. Zapata- Spanish Teacher 

Ms. Vigil- Spanish Teacher 

Ms. Fang- French Teacher

Ms. Pati- Italian Teacher

Ms. Yang- Chinese Teacher