World Languages


The Newtown World Languages Department offers courses in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish for non-native as well as native speakers of Spanish, French, and Chinese. Advanced courses that Newtown students can take include: A.P. Spanish Literature, A.P. Spanish Language and Culture and A.P. Chinese Language and Culture. Students planning to attend college should take a minimum of six credits over three years and may take the LOTE Checkpoint B Exam to qualify for an Advanced Regents Diploma. Our department holds events, such as the Poetry Contest in April and the Spanish Drama Club performances. Students who are eligible  may apply for the Seal of Biliteracy through our department

Diploma Requirements

Students are required to take one year minimum of foreign language as part of their graduation requirements. Students who wish to pursue an Advanced Regents Diploma must take three years of foreign language and successfully pass the LOTE-Checkpoint B exam. In addition, LOTE-Checkpoint B exam is now considered a 4+1 pathway for fulfilling the Regents requirements toward graduation. 


Spanish for Natives: Students who speak fluently, study and whose first language is other than English.
Spanish for heritage: Students who come from backgrounds where a language other than English is spoken.
Spanish for Non-Natives: Students who only have classroom experience with the language.
AP Spanish (college credit course)
Chinese for heritage
Chinese for non-natives
AP Chinese (college credit course)
French for non-natives Level I,II,III
Italian for non natives Level I, II

College Prep

AP Courses
Up to 4 college credits


1. Teaching
2. Translating and interpreting 
3. Foreign civil service
4. Airline services
5. Advertising
6. Editing and Publishing
7. Subtitles and Voice-Overs
8. Event Management
9. Nursing
10. Sommelier
11. Import/Export Specialist
12. Hotel Management
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