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Career and Financial Management

Experience a Career and Financial Management course filled with Financial Literacy activities. The course emphasizes the business and economic system including its characteristic, operations, structure, and evolving role within society. Students should realize the significance of their part in the economic system. Important management and economic concepts are defined in relation to business transactions and to the individual as an entrepreneur, employee, consumer, and citizen. This is a one-semester course given in the spring.

Culminates with a College and Career Readiness Portfolio that includes: Resume, Career Research Common Core Project, Design a Career, argumentative writing project, Wall Street Journal Enrichment activities, current events analysis. Mock interviews, career and college trips, workshops and mentorship programs. Stand out by becoming a more savvy consumer and student!   

E- Commerce Media

A Business/Enterprise Classroom Experience

Ready to start your own business? Then E-Commerce is the course for you! Students learn essential components of a start-up as they write a comprehensive business plan for startup funding. In this course, students explore topics such as marketing strategy, debt vs equity financing, and management structure and investment strategies.

With an emphasis on college and career readiness, E-Commerce Media course is an in-school, live, business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st-century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem-solving, and communication, selling through the internet, personal finance and technology.

Computer Applications Courses

Internet and Computers

Learning Microsoft Office Word has never been so fun. In this course, you will acquire the skills needed to write your future business plan! You will use MS Word as a tool to develop business plans, professional business reports, tables, graphs, charts and your very own resume! Learning MS Office to create labels, professional cover pages, school assignment reports will make you stand out with all your teachers and allow you to acquire skills that are transferable to any subject, career, and college. As you learn MS Word you will also acquire skills such as keyboarding, smart internet research, argumentative writing techniques and MLA.  Classroom activities are rich with hands-on – real-world rigorous learning objectives filled with innovative connections to today’s technology.

Culminates with Microsoft Office Specialist Word Industry Assessment at the end of the year!

Microsoft Office Specialist

Take your business plan to another level! The course offers a comprehensive Microsoft Office training and is utilized to expand and enrich your business plan. Students learn how to use Excel, and PowerPoint with an emphasis on their practical application in business. You will now create financial reports, start expense reports, graphs and charts for your business! The course will also allow you to utilize MS office as a tool for your Marketing Campaign, Advertisement, Business Pitch Presentations and Shark Tank Role Play!

Each semester students will have the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam in one of the 3 Microsoft applications. This industry-recognized credential is extremely valuable in the workplace and is awarded with no costs to the student for successfully passing the exam.

Become MS Office Specialist in Word, Excel and/or PowerPoint as you take on the role of an entrepreneur.

MOUSE Squad/Work Study

Work experience!  The course is designed to be a catalyst for the effective integration of technology and the business industry. MOUSE Squad serves a bridge between classroom and work experience.  This course is designed to empower students to succeed in today's technological -based economy. It is a student-driven program that addresses work-study opportunities and hands-on experiences. The Mouse Squad program empowers our students to become technology and digital media experts in their schools and communities. At Mouse Squad, young people don’t just play, use, and consume technology; they take essential first steps as fixers, designers, and makers, learning to experiment, build from failure, and iterate ideas. MOUSE Squad helps students to become digital leaders, problem solvers and assist members of the community and school with in-service tasks.