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Welcome to AP Studio Art!


As an AP Art student, you will be able to...

1. Explore your creativity and become an independent thinker as you develop a portfolio that is personal to your individual talents and interests.
2. Gain college credit, with a grade of 3 or higher, and stand out to colleges as a well-rounded individual who is prepared for the challenges of a college course.
3. Be inspired by classmates who are also serious about the class and show similar interests.

What is the AP Art Exam?


AP Art students will create and submit 24 artworks by early May. 

24 artworks, submitted electronically:

12 - Breadth

12 - Concentration

From these 24 artworks, you will choose 5 to submit physically to the College Board


The AP exam allows you to explore

the following art processes:





lMixed Media



Breadth Section

The first few months of AP Art will be spent on your Breadth portfolio entry.


This consists of 12 artworks which display your talent in a variety of styles, techniques, media, and subject matter.

*Your Breadth artworks will also be coming from your developed portfolios from your previous art classes. 


Concentration Section


A major part of the year in AP Art will be spent on your Concentration portfolio entry. 

This consists of 12 artworks with one


This theme is a concept of your choice.


If you have any questions about your eligibility for the course, please email Ms. Raneri -