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Have you always wanted to pursue a career in Math or Science?
  • Do you have an inquiring mind?
  • Have you ever wondered how the cause of death is determined?
  • Have you ever wondered how medications work?
  • Do you enjoy watching CSI, Forensics Files, 48 Hours and Snapped?
If you do then the Math, Science and Forensics SLC is the right one for you.

The Math, Science and Forensics program will give you the start you need, you

will acquire life long skills and will be trained to be analytical, detailed oriented, have a keen eye for observing and your exposure to higher level Math will help you to develop your problem solving skills. Not only will you have fun but it will prepare you for doing one of the best jobs possible.


Vision Statement

The vision on Newtown High School’s Math, Science and Forensics Small Learning community is to provide the highest quality education through research and discovery in the area of Math, Science and Forensics.



To have students focused and engaged by choosing a career path that they will enjoy and subsequently pursue when they move on to College.


News Letters


Meet the Forensics SLC!

Ms. Abalyan – Hello Forensics students! My name is Ms. Abalyan and I’m a social studies teacher here at Newtown High School. I really enjoy sharing my passion for history with my students. I also like reading, baking, and visiting museums (my favorite is the Metropolitan Museum of Art). You can find me in room 201 or 204. Feel free to stop by if you need any help!

Ms. Hernandez

Ms. Toloza

Ms. Buchanan

Mr. Checo, E

Ms. Devivo

Ms. Giakoumis – Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Giakoumis and I am a Social Studies teacher here at Newtown. I mostly teach Global History and Geography but I also teach the new elective course, American Pop Culture. My favorite thing in the world to do is travel. In just this past year, I have visited seven countries. I enjoy exploring different cultures, meeting new people, and seeing a piece of architecture or a work of art that was created hundreds to thousands of years ago. I also enjoy taking students on day trips that are both fun and educational, so keep an eye out for them in the future. If you would ever like to come speak with me about planning Forensics events or need help in Global or United States History, feel free to come find me in room 201, I’ll be looking forward to meeting with you. Finally, I will leave you with a few words a very wise man once said and hope that his words guide you, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you could use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela.

Mr. Clifford

Ms. Dickler – I teach physical education and dance classes. You can find me in the 4th floor gym/dance room throughout the day.

Mr. Figaro

Ms. Kearin

Ms. Khanam

Ms. Shewbarran

Mr. Kouril – See File
Mr. Kim – A math teacher. I can solve 3X3 and 4X4 Rubik’s cube.
Ms. Lee – I have taught history in Newtown since 1997. I enjoy teaching so much that I teach Sunday school at St. Raphael’s church in Greenpoint and taught Korean language at a private school on Saturdays for many years. I also love tutoring students after school (if you need help in Global or US Regents, come to Room 309 ) and even teach summer school at Newtown. I have a pet rabbit, nicknamed Tokki. I love gardening (radishes and leeks are my favorite vegetables), traveling (Italy is my favorite country) and cooking. I love classical music (my favorite composer is Mozart ) and my workout is a ballet. My favorite ballet is La Bayadere.

Ms. McDonald

Ms. Nicolaou

Ms. Pisano-Wyatt

Ms. Reyes

Mr. Schack – Hello my name is Mr.Schack. I have been a PE teacher and coach at Newtown HS since 1996 before you were all born. Fun fact- I won a televised beach volleyball tournament a long time ago and the finals were announce by Ian Eagle( he now does the Jets game). My favorite food is skirt steak and any Mexican food and margaritas-OOPS I can’t say that. My favorite football team is the Jets. I love animals and own two dogs.

Mr. Suhu