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Frequently Asked Questions

DOE Account/Email

Q: How do I access my DOE account/email?
A: As of now, if you do not already have access to your account, you must request help from your school to get you set up.


Q: How do I access Zoom?
A: Please refer to “How to Log into Zoom” document. Video instructions can be found at "Accessing Zoom from your Google Classroom".

Class Programs/Schedules

Q: Where do I find my class program (schedule)?
A: You can find your class program on your PupilPath account.

Q: How do I access/register for my PupilPath?
A: Check your DOE email for an email that should have your registration code. If you did not receive an email and still have trouble finding it, contact your guidance counselor to get your code. Refer to our Staff Directory page for contact information of your guidance counselor. You can also watch this video if you're having trouble.

Q: I have a programming/schedule problem and would like to change my classes. Who do I talk to
A: Contact your guidance counselor in room 137 or email them through our Staff Directory page.

Google Classroom

Q: Where do I find the class codes to join my Google Classroom?
A: You can find your code in the following link, “Google Classroom Codes” Last updated 9/15/2020

Q: Where do I find the class codes to join my Google Classroom?
A: You can follow this tutorial for step by step instructions, or you can follow along with this video!

Remote Devices

Q: How do I apply for a remote device?
A: Please complete the Remote Learning Devices request form

Q: I'm having trouble with my iPad, where can I get help?
A: Go to the DOE's Getting Started with Your iPad page for answers to all technical problems.

Q: What if the person I want to contact is not on the FAQ?
A: Please refer to our our Staff Directory page, or to our WHERE TO GO reference sheet.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?
A: Please fill out this form to let us know what issues you have, “Help Desk Support.