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Parent Coordinator: Ms. Zapata
RM 137F
[email protected]

Newtown’s Parent Coordinator is available to assist parents with any questions or concerns about their child’s education.

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Report Card

See school calendar for report card Distribution Dates.
  • Report cards are issued during your child’s second or ninth period class
  • Grades of 65% and above are considered passing
  • Review your child’s attendance for each class. The number of absences should be the same for each
  • If your child achieves Honor Roll (above 85% average) s/he should consider joining the
    National Honor Society.
  • If your child receives a grade of 60% or below in any subject, s/he should follow through with tutoring
    or Newtown’s Saturday Academy
  • Failed courses should be made up during summer school or Extended Day


Parent Teacher Association

See school calendar for PTA Meeting Dates.

Join the PTA and help to unify the Newtown community! If you are willing to help or have any
question, please contact the PTA President:

PTA President
Newtown High School
48-01 90th Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373