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The mission of Newtown High School is to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of students. Our goal is to establish a nurturing environment where students from diverse backgrounds and ability levels will successfully make the transition from freshman to seniors who are college and career ready.
We will provide an enriching, individualized and valuable high school experience, and set a precedent for academic excellence from the ninth grade to ensure that our students’ journey throughout high school is successful. Through our devotion to each student’s myriad needs, we will foster an environment of high expectations and a love of learning that will propel them through high school and beyond.

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NHS Arista Induction Ceremony

The NHS Arista Induction Ceremony will be taking place on March 8th, periods 3-5. Click the header for more information!
College & Career Office. College Trip to Bard College & Mount St. Mary College. What: College visit to Bard College & Mount St. Mary College. Date: March 6th How: Come to the college and Career Office, Room 136 and get a permission slip. Space is Limited! Reminder the next college trip is to Villanova and Temple University on April 4th. Trip is open to 10th & 11th grade students Only


College trip to Bard College & Mount St. Mary College
Trip is open to 10th & 11th grade students only
Flyer for Spanish Drama Play: Orange sunset with clouds, two purple light bugs on one cloud, a brown bug flying in the air, a bee holding a purple heart on the left side with a brown butterfly resting on a cloud. three bees above a layer of sunflowers and hills in the background. March 1st in the Auditorium.


Discover who will prevail: problems or insects? Join us in the auditorium on March 1st. Save the date on your calendar! Everyone is welcome. FREE tickets in rooms 113 or 334 🐝🦟🦋🕷️🌿🔍📅

¿Quién será más fuerte: los problemas o los insectos? Ven y descúbrelo en el auditorio. 1 de marzo ¡guárdalo en tu calendario! Todos están invitados. Boletos GRATIS en las aulas 113 o 334 🐝🦟🦋🕷️🌿🔍📅
¡Grandes problemas para pequeños insectos!

El amor está en el aire

¡Grandes problemas para pequeños insectos!
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Principal Bill Psoras - Newtown

Principal’s Message

Dear Newtown High School Community,
We are excited to welcome you to our proud and storied community at Newtown H.S. Our dedicated staff are here to support and guide you every step of the way so that you can create lasting memories, grow as individuals and achieve success. We not only value academic success at Newtown H.S. but also character development and a sense of belonging. We believe in fostering an environment where each student can thrive, explore their passions and reach their full potential. We encourage open communication between students, families and staff. We are committed to providing you with a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment that meets the needs of all our students. We look forward to your active role in our community and establishing your own legacy here at Newtown H.S. 
Bill Psoras