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About Small Learning Communities


  • Newtown High School is organized into 6 SLCs
  • Each SLC has its own theme and a dedicated Assistant Principal, Guidance Counselor, and team of teachers.
  • The goal of SLCs is to afford more individual attention for students and make students more well-known by staff and fellow students in a more personal atmosphere.
  • For ninth-graders, non-ELL (English Language Learners) students will choose which SLC they'll want to belong to for the remainder of their High School Career in the spring. 

Small Learning Communities Overview:

  • Ninth Grade Academy
  • Newtown Business Academy
  • Engineering ACES
  • Arts and Media
  • Math, Science, and Forensics
  • International Pioneers 

All Students Can Still Join or Participate In:

  • Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Now Courses
  • Clubs and Teams

About Ninth Grade:

  • All ninth-graders (who aren't ELL students) are automatically enrolled in the Ninth Grade Academy.
  • In the spring, they'll chose what SLC they want to be apart of for the remainder of their high school career at Newtown High School