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General Information

Course Section  Course Title Period Google Classroom Code
SEN11XQD 1 AP Environmental Science 1 g55mbba
SEN11H 1 Earth Science Honors 4 jkcfulp
SEN11H 2 Earth Science Honors 5 5zwq6ka
SEN11QQD 3 AP Environmental Science 6 z6wjczv
SEN11QQD 5 Earth Science 8 2u3hoi2
Office Hours and Open School
Click on the link below to reserve a time to meet with Mr. Rosenstein during his Office Hours or during Open School.
Click on an available time slot to reserve it. Fill in the description with your name (parent/guardian) and student name. Click "Save". You will receive a notification that the appointment has been made. Meetings will be on Google Meet.