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General Information

Course Course Title Period Google Classroom Code
SEN11QQB Earth Science 1 fhjc7qf
SEN11X AP Environmental Science 2 oqlqh73
SEN11QQB Earth Science 3 b6fo6mr
SEN11H Earth Science Honors 6 sv3o2vw
SEN11H Earth Science Honors 8 nrnb7ly
Clubs and Extra Help
Extra Help
Mr. Rosenstein is available for Extra Help on Wednesdays after school. Appointments can be made for other times.
Green Team | School Sustainability Club
This club will begin meeting in November on Mondays after school. Members in this club will organize and facilitate city-wide sustainability events at our school. Participation in this club will look GREAT on your resume!
Sign Up on Google Classroom: 7qcdyps
Music Club
Music club meets on Thursdays in Room 538 with Mr. Lo Verme and Mr. Kuhnel.