Photo Album

Poetry Contest, teacher handing student an award.
Poetry Contest; Three students on stage performing a dance.
Mr. Canela giving a speech on stage in the auditorium.
Newtown Auditorium. Large stage with red drapes. Karlos Maciulskis on screen for presentation.
Three staff members speaking together during the 125th Anniversary presentation.
Udnan Ahmed, NYPD Lieutenant giving a speech on stage.
Senior Prom; Many students on the dance floor dancing.
5 students together. One student crowning the other as Prom Queen.
Two students taking a selfie. Prom King to the right.
14 students together posing for picture in the library wearing College Career day sweaters.
Many students sitting in a circle on chairs in the library.
Poetry Contest; Student on stage reciting poetry.
Staff applauding.
Picture from behind student playing on keyboard at front of stage of auditorium.
Student at front of stage of auditorium playing keyboard and singing.
Student at front of stage playing on keyboard and singing.
Staff on stage sitting in chairs. One member giving a speech to alumni in the audience.
Alumn on stage giving a speech. Staff and alumni behind him on stage in chairs.
Newtown Pioneers Jersey Reveal. Camouflage Grey and White body, Navy Blue sleeves.
Newtown graduates in cap and gown sitting at assembly outdoors.
Newtown graduates sitting at assembly outdoors.
Newtown grad on stage giving speech outdoors.
Newtown grad giving speech on stage outdoors.
Newtown grad giving speech on stage outdoors. American flag draped above and behind them.
Newtown graduates smiling for the camera in cap and gown.
Newtown grad in cap and gown sitting at assembly holding flowers.
Newtown graduates on stage giving speech outdoors.
Hiking Club; Many students posing for the camera outdoors.
Hiking Club; students outdoors posing for the camera, some on top of a large boulder, the rest on the ground.
Hiking Club; Mr. Kouril smiling for the camera with students outdoors on a hike.
Chinese Club; Chinese club performance on stage. Many red and yellow decorations. Student dancing at center dressed in beautiful Chinese attire.
Chinese Club; Three students on stage performing.
Chinese Club; Three students on stage performing.
Student examining something with a microscope.
Newtown Pioneers Basketball jersey display. White and gray camouflage.
Newtown Pioneers Jersey display. Red with black and white trim.
Student presenting to three other students in the library.
Newtown Pioneers Jersey Reveal. Black with red and white trim.
Newtown library. Beautiful layout with chairs and tables. Shelves are waist high aside from the ones against the inner wall.
Newtown library. Showing the many rows of books.
Newtown library conference room. Beautiful professional chairs, tables, and display.
Staff and students enjoying the library facilities.
Students playing Basketball.
Students playing basketball.
Students playing basketball. One student holding ball at dynamic angle toward camera.
Basketball coach applauding his team on sidelines.
Newtown Pioneers basketball team lined up for picture at the center of basketball court.
Newtown Centennial Block. Golden plaque on a white marble square.
Newtown Principal's door. American flag can be seen through the window.
Teachers in classroom discussing.
Teacher smiling. Dynamic angle.
Super Intendant on stage giving speech.
Teachers/coaches displaying medals hanging from neck.
Newtown students at Newtown field posing on staircase for pictures.
Four students back to back facing camera.
Five students facing camera holding a sign that reads, "Grad".
Several students posing for picture holding various signs praising their imminent graduation.
Spanish Drama Club on stage posing for picture.
Spanish Drama Club; students lined up for end of show bow.