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Welcome to Newtown High School Science Department's Home Page!

Why study science? Is it hard?

There are many reasons to study science.

  • People usually earn way more 💰 if they have acquired skills and understanding in science, not just some credentials on a piece of paper.
  • We are all living things who interact with chemicals and are affected by forces and energy around us. Understanding science will keep us safe.
  • When we study science, we develop a healthy habit of being curious, and update our understanding of nature based on latest discovery.


At Newtown High School, students have an opportunity to study biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, forensic science, marine science, and physics.


Courses culminating in a regents exam:

  • Living Environment (SLN11)
  • Earth Science (SEN11)
  • Chemistry (SCN11)
  • Physics (SPN11)

Courses culminating in an advancement placement exam administered in May:

  • AP Biology (SBN11X)
  • AP Environmental Science (SEN11X)

Elective Courses:

  • Forensics Analysis (SFNQAN)
  • Crime Scene Analysis (SFNQCF)
  • Forensics Behavioral Science (SFNQAF)
  • Marine Science (SWN11)