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Music Department

Welcome to the Music Department page!
We teach 3 courses in our program which are:
  1. Core Music
  2. Guitar
  3. Chorus
Core Music:
Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of music and music notation. Students learn the basic elements of pitch, rhythm, notation, scale structure, tonality, intervals, chords, melody, harmony, musical terminology, and score reading. Students apply these concepts to writing and analyzing simple musical examples.
Learn the fundamental skills of guitar playing, including simple cording, basic strumming beginning note reading and music theory.
The main objective of this course is to create an enhanced appreciation for music through playing the guitar. Students will learn how to read music notation, chord symbols, and tablature.
Learn the fundamentals of singing techniques and musicianship, utilizing music theory and performance skills through a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music. 

Enjoy the opportunity to perform in public.
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