English as a New Language


The mission of Newtown High School’s ENL/ESL Department is to provide high quality instruction to English Language Learners so that they may become active participants in both social and academic settings. We equip students with language skills and cultural understanding necessary to attain academic achievement in all content areas and to meet their educational and professional goals

Diploma Requirements:

Students are able to take English Language development courses until they are able to pass out of the program. All newcomer English Language Learners (ELLs) take a pre-assessment test to be placed into an appropriate level. Continuing ELLs take the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) at the end of each school school year to be reevaluated and placed into their appropriate language levels.


We offer 5 distinct English language leveled classes for both 9th/10th and 11th/12th grade groups. 

During School

  • SIFE - Students with Interrupted Formal Education
  • Entering
  • Emerging
  • Transitioning
  • Expanding
  • Commanding
After School
  • Achieve 300 - Online differentiated reading and writing development
  • SIFE Tutoring using Bridges to Academic Success curriculum
  • Regents Preparatory Tutoring

Regents and College Prep:
All courses focus helping students develop Common Core based skills through engaging content and instruction. 

  • Foreign Language Teacher
  • Interpreter or Translator
  • Language blogger
  • Content developer
  • Diplomatic service officer
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • International aid/development worker
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • Tour manager
  • Hospitality
Assistant Principal: Charlene Nieves
Department Office: Room 255, extension 8555 or 8550