Ninth Grade Academy

Now that you are a Pioneer, it is time to tower above the rest!
Check the newsletter section for a guide to assist you through the beginning of your Newtown High School journey.  Check it out for helpful information, study guides you're going to need, and your first assignment on your way to excellence!
The Ninth Grade Academy was developed to improve the success of students as they transition to high school. Students will:
  • be prepared both academically and socially for the rigors of high school
  • be given the opportunity to grow in an environment where learning is both engaging and relevant
  • be encouraged to think about high school graduation
  • be given supports in order to assist in success in high school, college and career goals
  • be in a small learning environment where teachers know you very well
  • be involved in school activities offered specifically for your academy as well as whole-school activities
  • take a minimum of two Regent's examinations
  • be placed in a variety of honor's classes if they meet the requirements
  • have the opportunity opportunity to take A.P. U.S. History 
Are you new to Newtown and don’t know
where to go for help?
Here are some important rooms:
The Main Office - Room 147
Guidance Suite - Room 137
The Dean's Office - Room 169
Transportation (Metrocards) - Room 165