Visual & Performing Arts

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Do you have an interest in Visual & Performing Arts?
  • Do you enjoy theater?
  • Have you ever thought of yourself as a performer?
  • Do you have an artistic mind? 
  • Want to be able to sketch, draw, and build masterpieces?
Then the Visual & Performing Arts SLC is the place for you. We will develop your performing and creative talents!

The Visual & Performing Arts is a small learning community providing studies in theater, performance, music and creative arts.
Students will:
  • Develop skills in sketching, drawing, painting, and computer art.
  • Illustrate and write children’s books.
  • Learn and create set design.
  • Develop persuasive writing skills.
  • Study performance arts; vocals, musical instruments, acting, etc.
  • Participate in various performance events
  • Attend Broadway and off-Broadway shows.


Vision Statement

Our students will pursue artistic careers and or apply aesthetic skills and thinking to other fields from the exposure to and practical experiences of learning through the Creative and Performing Arts



To expose our students to the diversity of the Creative and Performing Arts by integrating artistic themes and concepts across academic disciplines.