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Media and Marketing Team

Media and Marketing Team

The team that the school community relies on!

The Media and Marketing Team is comprised of dedicated, creative and, innovative Business SLC students who seek to show the best of Newtown! 
  • We work with the Newtown Instagram @newtownhighschoolnyc
  • We work with the Newtown website
  • We work with many marketing initiatives
  • And more!
Our tasks
This is an internship within the Business Department! Business students who are apart of this team have the opportunity to get paid and fulfill the work-based learning requirement for the CTE endorsement. This team also accept volunteers at certain times of the year. 

Get in Touch with Us:

  • You can email Ms. Nguyen (the team advisor)
  • You can visit our business lab in room 259
  • You can email the marketing team at [email protected]

M and M Team

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