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Computer Science

Newtown High School is proud to announce that we have received the College Board Female Diversity Award for our efforts to teach our female students Computer Science.  We encourage all females from all cultural backgrounds to try Computer Science because the experience will open your eyes to a subject you may have never considered and may end up loving!
Newtown currently has 2 computer science options: 
1 - AP Computer Science Principles - an introductory course that teaches students how to write code and discover how computer science is involved in everything we do in modern society. No programming experience is necessary. Successful completion of Algebra 1 is required.  Students take the College Board AP exam in May.
2 - AP Computer Science A - a college-level programming course where students code using Java.  Moderate to extensive programming experience is required.  It is recommended students take AP Computer Science Principles first.  Students take the College Board AP exam in May.
We have partnered with Microsoft TEALS this school year.  Industry volunteers work alongside the Computer Science teachers to assist students in learning Computer Science and in preparing them for the College Board exams in May.