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Instructional Support Services

Instructional Student Services (ISS) is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. The department focuses on students with special needs who have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). The ISS department is a team of teachers and service providers that work with students and parents to best serve the students’ individualized needs.
Course Information:
Teachers of ISS are in all core subject classes (English, History, Mathematics, and Science), serving students in grades 9-12. Students of ISS are working towards academic goals, achieving grade level appropriate credits, passing the New York State Regents, and other assessments. Students enrolled in ISS will be recommended for one of two program models. Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) model is when there is a subject teacher and special education teacher working together to instruct the class. The Self-Contained model is when the teacher to student ratio is smaller. Newtown High School Self-Contained classes are 15:1, meaning there are fifteen students for one teacher. Additional services for ISS students include: counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech, and hearing. 
Small Learning Community:
All ISS students are also apart of Newtown High School's Small Learning Communities (SLC). Matriculating ninth graders are automatically placed in the Ninth Grade Academy. Upon completion of the ninth grade students will select to be in the Math, Science & Forensics or Engineering Aces Academy. Students who are in the ISS department and learning English as New Language (ENL) are a part of the International Pioneers.
Meet the Teachers:
To meet the department's staff visit the ISS teacher's page by clicking the Staff link on the right.